We Help Global Firms Move into the Digital Age

Using a unique blend of Brand Strategy, SEO & Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Atlantic Advisory helps global firms by strengthening their brands, increasing their online presence, attracting targeted audiences and driving sales.

Why work with Atlantic Advisory?

Atlantic Advisory specialise in a unique blend of SEO and Pay-Per-Click Advertising wrapped in high-level brand strategy.

This unique approach blends the best rapid growth marketing tactic (Google Advertising) with the best long-term marketing growth (SEO & Email Marketing) that guarantees to elevate a company's digital presence, attract targeted audiences, and drive measurable results.

Brand Strategy & Design

Develop a brand strategy that resonates with the pain points of your target market and drives sales.

SEO Services

Improve your website's search visibility and organic traffic leading to an increase in warm leads.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Drive qualified traffic to your website, optimise conversions and continuously increase sales.

A Boutique Strategy, SEO & PPC Design Agency based in the West of Ireland.

In an increasingly digital landscape, the collaboration between your global company and our brand strategy and SEO design agency is the catalyst for unlocking untapped potential.

By leveraging our comprehensive understanding of SEO principles and innovative design strategies, we will ensure your company stands out, reaches the right audience, and generates long-term growth and success.

I develop strategies to enhance a brand's identity, positioning, and communication in order to resonate with the correct target audience.

Paul Feeney - Founder & Brand Strategist

I oversee the execution of our projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and meet project objectives.

Haidi Malicsi - Accounts Manager

I develop artwork to effectively communicate brand messaging, marketing material and engage audiences.

Kenneth Javier - Senior Graphic Designer

I manage and optimise pay-per-click advertising campaigns to drive targeted website traffic, generate leads and sales.

Isaac elmasry - PPC marketing specialist 

I will optimise website's and website content and develop backlink content to improve a website's search engine rankings, ultimately driving organic traffic and improving online presence.

Tim Petch - SEO Specialist

I collect and interpret data to extract insights and inform decision-making processes within an organisation.

Rachel Coyle - Data & Research Analyst

What You’ll Get From Our Services

Using a unique blend of Brand Strategy, SEO & PPC Advertising, Atlantic Advisory helps global firms by increasing their online presence, attracting targeted audiences, and driving sales.

80:20 Advertising

Fresh eyes allow us to focus on the most profitable aspects of your company.

Immediate Leads

Developing and implementing online ad campaigns focusing directly on your most profitable elements drives fast results.

A Strong Vision

A brand strategy analysis will allow your company to attack your target market with vigour and a renewed sense of itself. 

Lasting Results

Short term wins from ads will eventually match the increase in organic traffic, thus cementing your company in Google search results.

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What they say

We needed to develop a brand that could be utilised across all marketing. Paul not only delivered...but made it extensible and dynamic with the future in mind. His ability to understand our company’s message lead to the realisation of our corporate branding beyond our expectations.

William Lyons

Marketing Executive @ Shimmer Research

...an outstanding marketer
"Paul has a sixth sense for what a brand needs. His experience in branding, business strategy and market research combined with his unique way of energising the people he works with makes him an outstanding marketer to work with."

Philip Vandusen

Brand Expert @ Verhaal Brand Design

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Using a unique blend of Brand Strategy, SEO & Pay-Per-Click Advertising we drive sales.