Our Team

A Boutique Brand Strategy, SEO & Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agency based in the West of Ireland.

By leveraging our comprehensive understanding of SEO principles and innovative design strategies, we can ensure your company stands out, reaches the right audience, and generates long-term sales.

I develop strategies to enhance a brand's identity, positioning, and communication in order to resonate with the correct target audience.

Paul Feeney - Founder & Brand Strategist

I oversee the execution of our projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and meet project objectives.

Haidi Malicsi - Accounts Manager

I develop artwork to effectively communicate brand messaging, marketing material and engage audiences.

Kenneth Javier - Senior Graphic Designer

I manage and optimise pay-per-click advertising campaigns to drive targeted website traffic, generate leads and sales.

Isaac elmasry - PPC marketing specialist 

I collect and interpret data to extract insights and inform decision-making processes within an organisation.

RACHEL COYLE - Data & Research Analyst

paul feeney head of marketing of westport estate

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