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Atlantic Advisory is a boutique marketing, communications, and strategy consulting firm based in Westport Co.Mayo, in the West of Ireland.

Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses across Ireland and Europe. We serve smaller companies and owners because we have found them to be more nimble and action-orientated, and as a result, we can have an outsized impact on their brand, identity, and strategic direction.

Our clients engage us to solve the evolving challenges of marketing and communicating in a modern economy - and to help identify new opportunities therein.

The partners of Atlantic Advisory have worked in organisations across a multitude of industries (professional services, financial services, consumer goods, food and drinks, travel, sports and leisure, construction, technology, automotive, investing), in the U.S, Asia, Continental Europe, UK, and Ireland.

We work with clients on strategy, corporate communications, brand positioning, public relations, marketing (including content marketing), recruiting and competitive analysis.

We communicate with candor and discretion, and will not use your business challenges as ‘case studies’ for future work. Instead, we prefer for the work to speak for itself and to secure future work on a referral basis.

We bring our clients decades of experience and deep expertise in brand and reputation management. We have advised CEOs, C-Suite executives, family businesses, entrepreneurs, board members, and have executed marketing and communications plans for companies facing the challenges of growth as well as those in crisis.

We bring our experience in helping run major businesses to bear in our client work every day. Our unique approach is characterized by three principles.

First, we bring a bespoke approach to every project we undertake. While we have developed a suite of approaches and methodologies, we recognise that each business is unique, and we adapt our approach accordingly to appropriately address the challenges our clients face.

Second, we support all of our conclusions and recommendations with research and robust data. Whilst experience and intuition may guide us down certain paths, we robustly analyse each approach to ensure it stands up to scrutiny, giving our clients the reassurance needed to pursue a course of action with conviction.

Third, we believe that authenticity is key, and recognise that the most suitable approach is the one that feels most authentic to you, your employees and your customers. Taking this thoughtful approach to marketing and communications ensures that our initiatives can be willingly embraced by all stakeholders, maximising their potential to transform your business.

How We Work

As consultants to business leaders, we have extensive experience leading corporate marketing and communications teams. We have a specific set of beliefs on how we should serve our clients.

Problems and Opportunities Deserve New Thinking

We draw on our past experience helping to lead businesses across different sectors and geographies, but we strongly believe that every client deserves fresh thinking oriented around the very specific context in which they operate, and the distinct opportunities and challenges that they face. There are no “off-the-shelf” solutions to your challenges.


Real Expertise and Continuity

We provide an unparalleled level of service by hiring only the best minds: people with a track record of solving complex business problems with deep technical expertise. The consultants you meet at the pitch presentation will be there throughout the lifecycle of the project and beyond.


Lean and Flexible

In our experience, large consulting teams quickly become unwieldy, complicated, and expensive. We keep our teams compact and focused. Should a project grow in scope, we bring in additional expertise for just as long as it is needed. We can also work on a project basis or retainer model, to rapidly respond the the challenges you face day-to-day.


Relationships Matter

A great client relationship is not simply measured in terms of productivity. We seek to understand what matters to you and to create an environment of trust, transparency, and commitment to your long-term success.

Our Team

Michael Russell

Michael Russell

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

irish designer paul feeney

Paul Feeney

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Seán Ó Gallchóir


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